Monday, October 6, 2014


This week was great! It flew by fast. I was in Oakland pretty much every day this week. For Transfers one day and then picking up the new missionary and then training the new missionaries after that! 
My companions name is Elder Weaver. He is from Las Vegas. His family actually moved a month before he left to Utah. He's a great person and loves to cook which I don't mind at all :) Elder Weaver and I are pretty much the same person, which is both good and bad. We are getting along well so far. He used to wrestle in High school, reminds me of Kevin.

Sad thing happened. Our "golden investigator" Moved back to upstate new york this week.. :( Sad. But now she is with her husband again and she's going to get baptized! So I'm happy I was able to be a part of teach her and getting to know her. 

The area around here is cooling off which is nice. Hopefully it doesn't get too cold because I don't want to wear a jacket while biking, I just get so sweaty wearing a jacket on bike. 

Its amazing I am reaching my last General Conference already, I remember my first as a missionary sitting in the Berkeley Chapel. One of the things I am going to focus on the most during General Conference this time is mainly how to improve my scripture study and prayer. I know that my patriarchal blessing has a lot to do with study and prayer so I hope to learn how to do it better.

I cant believe that its already October, its crazy. For my birthday, and for christmas I don't want anything. The reason being is anything that I get now I'm just going to have to pack up in a little while, and everything I have now is holding up so far, so I would like to save space and weight. Now if you aren't satisfied with that answer then, if you really want, I would love to maybe, kind of see how much a 9mm pistol would cost so I can start shooting when I'm back in Kentucky :D. 

Have a great week! Love you!

Elder Ranquist


Guess what!?
this week is transfer week so that might help in the guessing...
I'm getting a new companion and I'm staying out here in Brentwood. 
I'll be training again! I'm excited. Its going to be great.
Sadly I feel a little bit scarred from my first training experience. It was the hardest time of my mission. But as I look back on that time it was also the period where I grew the most. So whatever happens its going to work out. I don't know the area that well since I've only been here for 6weeks but I'll be able to learn how to read a map really well!
I don't know anything about who I am training. I go up to the mission home on Wednesday to pick him up. Fresh from the MTC! 
There is a facebook page called missionary momma's. A member took our picture and posted it on that web page and she invites you to check it out. 

Lately I have been trying to memorize scriptures. Its pretty hard for me because I'm not to good a memorizing stuff. I started with Romans 8:16 which roughly says The Spirit itself bearth witness with our spirit that we are children of God.

I think thats what it says I don't' have a bible with me. Well its a work in progress. 

Nothing else crazy is going on. General Conference is coming up woo hoo. 

Elder Ranquist


Wow Kate West is home thats crazy! I remember her preparing for a mission same time as I was. Time flies when your having fun.
Glad the family history thing worked out. Hopefully you can teach me sometime later.
Its been a hard week. My companion hasn't been to happy lately. I don't think its anything I have done but he gets super upset that people don't listen to us or they get angry at us. 
The weather has been pretty hot out here still. The nice thing is the heat doesn't really bother me that much so I'm fine with it. Its funny my companion sweats so much when he rides bike! He's just drenched wherever we go and has sweat stains all over his white shirts. 
Other then that nothing has been happening. We are thinking about dropping a lot of our investigators because none of them are progressing. But we will still keep in touch with them and follow up. 

doing great all is well have a great week!

Elder Ranquist


Wow thats so cool!
I'm so happy everything went well and thank you for the pictures.
Well, another week of not a lot happening so I'll see what I can do to lengthen it for you :)
I think the area is picking up a little bit. The last few weeks we found a few new investigators and one of them seems solid. She attended her step father-in-laws baptism this Saturday in Pleasington and then went to church on Sunday to see him confirmed. We'll be seeing her Thursday so we'll see how it went for her. Still talking to a lot of people.
We have Zone Training Meeting this coming Tuesday. Its so nice not doing those anymore. I know exactly how it feels for them to be up there giving the training. 
Learned some more stuff in my studies but I forgot at the moment which is a bummer. 
One of the members out here was born and raised in Kentucky! But he's 80yrs old and we wouldn't know him.
I find that I hate down time in the apartment. My mind wanders and I just get distracted when its either lunch or dinner or pday and we have nothing to do so I either sit down and study something interesting like Jesus the Christ or I go clean something. The past week i've been working on cleaning out all of the dust from the air conditioner and today i bought some windex so we can clean off all of the mirrors, which there are a lot of in this apartment. Also got some bleach so hopefully my white clothes will be looking a little more.... white :)
We had a week full of no dinner appointments so we had a lot of down time at the apartment eating cereal haha. This sunday we looked on our dinner calender after church and we saw it was another week of no one feeding us and the bishops wife saw that and ran around the stragglers in the church still their and was asking everyone to feed us. Amazingly she got the whole week signed up for us! Darn I won't have as much time cleaning the apartment then or studying!

Well were doing great out here! Hope all goes well with the other doctor this week! I've lost track of which doctors are doing what! But it sounds like they are making some improvements!

Elder Ranquist


So today since its Labor Day we biked up to the stake center to do emails. Its fun. I really love biking!
So glad to hear that Dad is going to be able to sleep better and have more energy! 
Were still talking to everyone out here.
We received a referral from some of the other missionaries in our mission this week. A 22 year old lady is living here and has a bunch of friends who are mormons and she wants to know more. Her husband is mormon, he is in New York in as a flight medic for the military. She is going to her Father in Laws baptism this coming Saturday in Pleasington too! And guess what she has a 10 month old son who looks so much like grant it was awesome! Sadly as missionaries we aren't allowed to hold kids but hes so cool! We are seeing her every Thursdays and Fridays, and she has work off today so were going to see her today to! She is practically asking to be baptized the only problem is she works every Sunday! Were going to invite her today to be baptized and I'm sure we can figure out a way for her to come to church. The sad thing is I'm sure she will want to go out to New York to be there with her Husband when she is baptized. Hopefully he can fly out here! She is actually planning on going back to New York in a few months she doesn't know exactly when though.
Thanks for everything hope you have a great week!
Elder Ranquist


Sorry I didn't tell you last week but Today we went to the temple so we email today. Hopefully you weren't freaking out that I didn't send an email yesterday. I love going to the temple. Sadly we saw the really old version of the movie this time and not the newest one. Oh well its still great. Since I'm out in Antioch its a really long drive to get to the temple so we were actually late to our session (along with almost all the rest of the zone) so we actually combined our zone,with Walnut Creek zone, 2 of the biggest zones in the mission. So there were about 70 missionaries in the session and a few other people. it was great I've never been in such a large session. Also it was good to see former companions and people I knew. I never see any missionaries now that I'm out in Brentwood. 
So cool to be able to have Elder Doney there. Although I think it is really weird.
Sadly I didn't feel the earthquake. I wish I did that would be so fun. I was hoping "The Big One" would hit but I don't expect it too. 
Thankfully I am starting to get to know the area a little bit better. It was rough the first week here we always would get lost. Thankfully we have good old maps to help us out!
We don't have a lot of investigators here and the ones we do have are pretty flaky and don't come to church or keep their commitments. We're working on it. We have a goal of oym's (Open Your Mouth) mission wide of talking to 10 people per missionary per day. Meaning reaching 140 oym's by the end of the week and so far we are doing well at it. We have been talking to a little more than 140 a week. Trying to find new investigators that way. 

Have a great week! Thank you for the picture!

Elder Ranquist


So, My new companion is named Elder Young. He actually lived in Hawaii and went to BYU-Hawaii before coming out. He has a twin sister but shes not active in the church and neither is his mom. He grew up going to church with his grandma and decided to go on a mission. He is a fanominal missionary. I don't even feel like i'm training him. We're just doing missionary work. Sadly its really hard right now because both of us don't know the area at all. We keep on getting lost and going the wrong way. At least were are using that opportunity to then talk to people on the streets. I think the hardest thing is that Elder Young has a severe case of ADHD so its hard to stay on track and get things done but were working through it. 
One cool think that happened is, when I walked into church this Sunday I saw some old members that used to live in the San Leandro ward I used to serve in over a year ago. So at least I know one family already. This ward here seems really great. They feed us every day for dinner and whenever we are hot they have members signed up to keep cold water bottles in their fridge for us so we can stop by any time and get some. They also have cold water bottles stocked in the fridge of the church building so we should be ok. I already bought 2 insulated water bottles myself before I got transferred here but I don't carry them with me because I don't want them getting stolen when I leave my bike locked up somewhere and we have plenty of water given to us by members.
 Tuesday, Transfer day was really saddening for me. I LOVED!  being a zone leader in Union City. While we were driving out here to Brentwood I felt sad knowing I won't ever be able to do something like that again. I also felt a burden lifted from my shoulders which felt good i guess, but i loved it so much there. As I was thinking about it I feel like it taught me a lesson. I may have loved an area, or a companion, or members, but I am in a new area now and I have a chance to love a new area, companion, or members! Where ever I go I want that to be my favorite place at that time and not wishing to go back to a different place.
Also I am district Leader over the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders and they don't have any problems, they are amazing missionaries so it makes my life a lot easier! Akuna matata- a stress free philosophy! I like it a lot, I don't have to stress out about other missionaries disobedience. 

have a great week!

Elder Ranquist